HVAC Solutions and Services

HVAC Solutions and Services

Our Company has been working on the HVAC field since 1988, offering to our customers reliable, Proffesional and High Quality services, to help them to complete the Projects at the scheduled time, with high quiality products and proffesional labor, our experience thrue Design, Install and Service to Equipments as :  VRV Systems, VRF Systems, Heat recovery Systems,   Water Chillers, Fan and Coils Systems, Variable Refrigeration Systems, Industrial Cooling Systems, Rooftop Packages, Centrifugal Air Exhaust Systems, Steam and Smoke Air Exhaust Systems, Commercial  Air  Exhaust Fans, Commercial Kitchen Hood Fan Exhaust and  Make Up Systems.

Os part of our services  we had the Opportunity to work Within The following Tasks:

Hotels Heating and Cooling Systems.

Precision Cooling for  IT Rooms

Air Ventilation and Humidity control For Industrial Applications.

Health Care Buildings Air Conditioning and Ventilation.

Home Theaters Hvac and  Indoor Air Quality control.

Industrial  Cooling with Water Chillers and  Water Cooling towers.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems for : Conference Rooms,  Offices  Buildings.

Our comitment is to Provide the most reliable service and high quality products to help our customers to achive them goals.

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