Our Way of Giving Back

No Questions Asked—A Suspended Meal Initiative

Sutter Street Taqueria has embarked on an initiative to feed hungry people who are experiencing a financial crisis. 

How does this work?

Customers pay for a suspended meal, which could be a soup ($10.95) or a super burrito ($9.95). We place the receipt on our visual management board and when someone comes in for a suspended meal, we take it from the board. 

Who can obtain a suspended meal?

Anyone! No questions asked.

Why did we do this?

Customers asked us to start the initiative because we have a small percentage of homeless students within our school district (FCUSD). The group that formed this has a desire that these kids come in and eat a hot meal anytime.

How does this initiative compete with the current programs in place to help the homeless or those in need?

It doesn't. We honor the programs that are currently in place to help the homeless and those experiencing financial difficulties. 

How will Sutter Street Taqueria manage payments for suspended meals?

We will print a copy of the receipt for every meal and place it on our visual management board. This allows our employees to see what is available for customers when they come in for a suspended meal. When a meal is given out, we remove it from our visual management board.

Pay it Forward With a Suspended Meal

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